10 Best Water Filter Price in Bangladesh

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Are you concerned about the quality of your tap water? If you are, you’re not alone. Many people are interested in finding a water filter that will provide them with clean, safe water to drink. But with so many different water filters on the market, it can be hard to know which one to choose. And once you’ve decided on a water filter, you still have to worry about the price.

We all know that water is essential to our survival. But did you know that the quality of the water we drink can have a significant impact on our health?

According to the World Health Organization, over 3.4 million people die each year from water-related diseases. That’s why it’s so important to make sure the water we drink is clean and free of contaminants.

One way to do this is to use a water filter. Water filters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they can be used for both home and office use. In this article, we’ll be discussing the different types of water filters, how they work, and the benefits of using one.

water filter

Water Filter Adapter

Water filters and drinking water appliances should not pose any problems when being installed and connected. In some cases, pipes and tubes may not match because they were manufactured in a way that was not standard. Adapters are useful here.

Indicators of adapter type

Adapters are available for most types of house appliances, including plug-in stem elbow adapters, brass adapters, and plastic adapters. It’s easier to work in confined spaces with push-fit connectors, compared to all these other types. They are also usually easy to disassemble without tools, which is another advantage

What are the best tap adapters?

Check out these factors when choosing an adapter:

  • Water temperature compatibility of the adapter
  • You need to know the size of the thread on the base of your water tap
  • You need to know the size of your water filter pipe
  • If you intend to use the adapter for drinking water, make sure that this adapter is suitable for use with food.

Water Filter Cleaning

You can save money by cleaning and reusing the water filter rather than replacing it every month. It’s also environmentally harmful, not to mention more expensive. You should regularly clean your water filter if you wish to fully benefit from a water filtration system. To maintain its effectiveness, a water filter must be changed every few months, just like a toothbrush.  Keeping water fresh and free of contaminants is the job of a water filter, so the cleaner the filter, the better.

How should I clean my water filter?

Clean your water filter using bleach and water, which is the best way to do it.

One part bleach to ten parts water is all that is needed to clean your filter with bleach. Soak your filter in the solution for at least an hour, then rinse it thoroughly. For best results, rinse your filter well with clean water after soaking. Alternatively, you can soak your filter for several hours in vinegar and then thoroughly rinse it with fresh water if you prefer not to use bleach.

Water Filter Fitting

Drinking water is better when it is filtered. Here’s how to install the Clean domestic water filter kit.

Water Filter Cold and Hot In Bangladesh

Home appliances Bangladesh recently added water purifiers. You can use them easily, and they look great. It is easier and more convenient to live a healthy, hygienic life with this hot and cold water purifier.

Hot Cold Warm RO Purifiers: Why should you buy one?

A hot-cold-warm RO purifier is the best option for your family’s health. Using these purifiers will prevent diarrhea, cholera, and typhoid infection. This machine provides hot, cold, and warm water. Hence, you don’t have to worry about heating or cooling water.

The uses of a hot-cold warm RO purifier

The hot-cold warm RO purifier in BD is generally used in households. They are used to provide safe drinking water to the family without involving electricity. These purifiers eliminate the hassle of boiling or cooling water and filling bottles with bottled water by purifying it and serving it at the temperature you prefer. These water purifiers have the ability to remove germs, bacteria, chemicals, heavy metals, and other hazardous elements from drinking water.

Price of cold-warm RO purifier in Bangladesh

Depending on the type, a hot-cold warm RO purifier can cost between 26,000-72,000 taka in BD. Technology, efficiency, brand, and brand name all contribute to the difference in price. Under 75,000 taka is a reasonable price for the best RO purifier in BD.

Best Water Filter Price in Bangladesh

See below some best water filter prices in Bangladesh 

Pureit Mineral Ultima RO+UV Water Filter Price in Bangladesh

Model: RO+UV

Price: Tk. 22,500.00

Pureit Mineral Ultima RO+UV


  • Purified water flow rate (average): Approximately 12 -15 liters per hour
  • Pump type: Diaphragm pump 24V DC
  • Recovery: Typically, 25%
  • Power rating: 60 watts
  • Pressure rating: 10-30 PSI
  • TDS reduction: 90% (min)
  • Length of power adapter: 1.5 meters
  • Iron in input water: 0.3 mg/lit (max)
  • Operating voltage: 100-240 va. c 50.60 Hz (100-300vac 50/60 Hz)
  • Turbidity of input water: 1 NTU (max)

Heron G-7 wall mount RO Water Filter Price in Bangladesh

Model: G-7

Price: Tk. 11,500.00

Heron G-7 wall mount RO Water Filter


  • Filter System: Reverse Osmosis (RO)
  • Filter Stage: 5 Stage
  • Stage1: Reverse Osmosis (RO)
  • Stage2: 5 Micron Sediment (PP)
  • Stage3: Carbon (OCB)
  • Stage4: Carbon (CTO)
  • Stage5: RO Membrane
  • Stage6 : Mineral
  • 7-liter reserve capacity infrared reverse osmosis technology.
  • 47 x 59 x 26 cm dimension, 
  • 6 G pressure tank capacity,
  • 60 GPD capacity
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Deng Yuan Taiwan TW-400 RO Water Filter Price in Bangladesh

Model: TW-400

Price:  Tk. 58,500.00

Deng Yuan Taiwan TW-400 RO Water Filter


  • Filtration Stage: Six
  • Capacity:400 GPD
  • Tank Capacity: 40 Liter/11 Pressure Tank
  • Dimension: 460X410X210 MM
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Walton Water Filter WWD-TC05 (Compressor Cooling) Price in Bangladesh

Model: Water Filter WWD-TC05 (Compressor Cooling)0

Price:  Tk. 12,500.00

Walton Water Filter WWD-TC05 (Compressor Cooling)


  • Advanced compressor cooling system
  • Separate hot/cold power switch, child safety on hot water
  • Automatic shut-off when the hot temperature is reached
  • Safety child lock on the hot water tank
  • Double safety device for preventing overheating
  • Large capacity room temperature reservoir
  • High-grade stainless steel hot and cold water tanks
  • Hot, cold & normal, three water temperature
  • Hot water≥ 80°c, 5 liter/hour
  • Cold water≤ 12°c, 2 liter/hour
  • Rated voltage: 220v~240v
  • Rated frequency: 50hz
  • Environmental temperature: sn
  • Relative humidity ≤ 90
  • Heating power: 450w
  • Cooling power/current: 100w

Top Klean Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier

Model: TPRO-5050

Price:  Tk. 13,000.00

Top Klean Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier


  • Capacity: 50/75/100 GPD
  • Reserve Capacity: 3.2G Pressure Tank
  • Filtration Stage: Six
  • Technology: Reverse Osmosis (RO)
  • Membrane: USA technology
  • Faucet: Goose Type 3 Hand
  • Dimension: 18 X 36 X 46 CM
  • 100% Intact & Authentic Products.

VISION RO Hot N Warm Water Purifier

Model: VISION RO Hot N Warm Water Purifier

Price:  Tk. 14,200.00

VISION RO Hot N Warm Water Purifier price in Bangladesh


  • Capacity: 75GPD RO membrane
  • Pure water flow: 11.8L/H
  • Power: 220V, 60Hz
  • Operation temperature: 5~ 45°C
  • Working pressure: 6 (≤0.6 Mpa)
  • Feed water source: Tap water or rural water
  • Feed water pressure: 1~4 bar (0.1Mpa ~0.4Mpa)
  • Dimension (mm): 390 x 220 x 460
  • Flash Method: Auto Flash
  • TDS limit: ≤1000 PPM

Seraco Purifier Machine 50 GPD Hot & Cold (RO)

Model: 50 GPD Hot & Cold (RO)

Price:  Tk. 68,000.00

Seraco Purifier Machine 50 GPD Hot & Cold (RO)
Seraco-Purifier-Machine-50-GPD-Hot & Cold-(RO)


  • Weight (kg) 5
  • 5 Micron PP sediment
  • 10 GAC filter
  • 1 Micron PP sediment
  • Voltage: AC 110Vor 220V
  • Storage tank: 8L
  • 50 GPD RO membrane
  • GAC inline filter
  • With booster pump, transformer
  • Applicable water: running water or underground water

Everco Water Purifier Easy

Model: Easy

Price:  Tk. 5,999.00

Everco Water Purifier Easy price Bangladesh


  • Built-in 5-Step System
  • 5um pp Spun Fiber- (PP-10″)
  • Test and odor – (T 33)
  • Post inline Carbon Filter – (T-33)
  • Water Producing Volume: Unlimited
  • Temperature: Room Temperature
  • Carbon Filter -(UDF / GAC-10″)
  • Block Carbon Filter – (CTO-10″)
  • USA Technology
  • Made in Taiwan

Kent Wall Mounted RO Water Purifier Ace

Model: Ace

Price:  Tk. 19,500.00

Kent Wall Mounted RO Water Purifier Ace


  • Ace Wall Mounted RO Water Purifier
  • Color: White
  • Capacity: Up to 15 LPH*
  • Suitable for Purification of Brackish / Tap Water
  • On the Wall
  • Easy to clean
  • ABS Food Grade Plastic
  • Sediment, Carbon Block Filter, UF & Post Carbon

ACL  Water Filter MRS-03 Price in Bangladesh

Model: MRS-03

Price:  Tk. 8,500.00

ACL  Water Filter MRS-03 price


  • Color: White
  • Weight (kg) 12
  • Temperature: Room Temperature
  • Dimension: L40 x W 27 x H40cm
  • Water-producing Volume: 10 MPL

Detailed Information about Water Filter Price in Bangladesh

We strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information about water filters, including their price in Bangladesh. Our dedicated team gathers information from various online sources to ensure the reliability of the data. In the event of any inaccuracies, we sincerely apologize and suggest that you do your own research and comparisons before making a final purchase decision.


What does a Water filter mean?

Water purification device that removes bacteria or harmful chemicals.

What is the best way to purify water?

Boiling is the best method to kill disease-causing organisms.

Is the water filter capable of filtering salty water?

The filter’s technology determines whether it works or not.

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In conclusion, water filters are an important part of any home and their price reflects that. There are a variety of water filters on the market, so it is important to do your research to find the one that is right for you and your family. With a little bit of effort, you can find a water filter that is both affordable and effective. So what are you waiting for? Get a water filter today!

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