Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh

Refrigerator price in Bangladesh varies depending on the brand, size, and features. If you are in the market for a new refrigerator in Bangladesh.  With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to determine which one is the best fit for your needs and budget. In this article, we will explore the current state of refrigerator prices in Bangladesh and provide you with valuable information to help you make an informed decision. Specifically, we will discuss the factors that influence refrigerator prices, compare the prices of different types of refrigerators, and highlight tips for finding the best deals. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of the refrigerator market in Bangladesh and be equipped with the knowledge to make a smart purchase.


Refrigerator All Parts Name

Here are the names of the main parts of a refrigerator:

  • Compressor: This is the main component that compresses refrigerant gas and circulates it through the system.
  • Condenser coils: These coils are located on the outside or back of the refrigerator and help dissipate heat from the compressed refrigerant gas.
  • Evaporator coils: These coils are located inside the refrigerator and help absorb heat from the air inside the refrigerator.
  • Expansion valve: This valve regulates the flow of refrigerant through the system and helps to maintain the proper temperature.
  • Thermostat: This device senses the temperature inside the refrigerator and turns the compressor on or off to maintain the desired temperature.
  • Door gaskets: These are the rubber seals around the doors that create an airtight seal when the doors are closed.
  • Shelves and drawers: These are the compartments inside the refrigerator where food is stored. They can be made of glass, wire, or plastic.
  • Ice maker and dispenser: This device dispenses ice cubes, crushed ice, and/or chilled water.
  • Light: This is a small bulb located inside the refrigerator that illuminates the contents when the door is opened.
  • Control panel: This is the interface that allows you to adjust the temperature, activate special features, and control the ice maker and dispenser.

Refrigerator Accessories

There are a variety of accessories available for refrigerators that can enhance their functionality and convenience. Here are some common refrigerator accessories:

  • Ice makers: Some refrigerators come with built-in ice makers, but you can also purchase standalone ice makers that can be added to your existing refrigerator.
  • Water dispensers: Some refrigerators also come with built-in water dispensers, which can be a convenient way to access chilled water.
  • Door bins: Door bins can be added to the inside of the refrigerator door to create additional storage space for bottles, jars, and other items.
  • Fridge mats: Fridge mats are made of silicone or other materials and can be placed on the shelves of the refrigerator to help protect them from spills and stains.
  • Fridge organizers: Fridge organizers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can help to maximize storage space and keep items organized.
  • Egg trays: Egg trays can be placed on a shelf in the refrigerator to store eggs and keep them from rolling around and potentially breaking.
  • Refrigerator thermometers: Refrigerator thermometers can be placed inside the refrigerator to monitor the temperature and ensure that food is being stored at a safe temperature.
  • Air purifiers: Refrigerator air purifiers can help to remove odors and keep the refrigerator smelling fresh.

These accessories can help to make your refrigerator more functional and efficient, and they can also help to keep your food fresher for more extended periods of time.

Refrigerator Compressor

The compressor is an important component of a refrigerator that is responsible for compressing refrigerant gas and circulating it through the refrigeration system.

When the compressor is turned on, it draws low-pressure refrigerant gas from the evaporator coils and compresses it into high-pressure gas. This high-pressure gas then moves to the condenser coils, where it releases the heat that is absorbed from the air inside the refrigerator.

After the refrigerant gas has released its heat, it becomes a high-pressure liquid and flows through the expansion valve, which reduces its pressure and temperature. This cool, low-pressure refrigerant then moves back to the evaporator coils, where it absorbs heat from the air inside the refrigerator and the cycle starts again.

In short, the compressor is what keeps the refrigeration cycle running, by continuously circulating refrigerant through the system, and compressing and expanding it to absorb and release heat, thus keeping the temperature inside the refrigerator at the desired level.

Refrigerator Compressor Price in Bangladesh

The price of a refrigerator compressor in Bangladesh can vary depending on the brand, model, capacity, and type of compressor. On average, a refrigerator compressor in Bangladesh can cost anywhere from BDT 5,000 to BDT 25,000 or more.

If you need to hire a professional to install the compressor, there may be additional labor costs. It’s important to note that replacing a compressor is often a complex and delicate process, and it’s recommended to hire a licensed technician to ensure the job is done correctly and safely.

It’s best to research prices and compare quotes from different suppliers or service providers to find the best deal for your specific needs.

Refrigerator Temperature

The ideal temperature for a refrigerator is between 35 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit (1.7 to 3.3 degrees Celsius). This temperature range is considered safe for storing most perishable foods, including meats, dairy products, fruits, and vegetables, and helps to slow down the growth of harmful bacteria.

It’s important to note that the temperature can vary slightly within different areas of the refrigerator. The temperature on the door shelves may be slightly warmer than the temperature in the back of the fridge or in the crisper drawers. It’s recommended to store items that are less perishable in the door, and more perishable items like meats and dairy products in the back where it is cooler.

To ensure that your refrigerator operates at the correct temperature, you can use a refrigerator thermometer to monitor the temperature regularly. If you notice that the temperature is consistently outside of the safe range, you may need to adjust the temperature setting or have the refrigerator serviced by a professional.

Refrigerator Watt

The wattage of a refrigerator can vary depending on various factors such as the size, model, age, and energy efficiency rating of the refrigerator.

Generally speaking, a standard-sized refrigerator with a capacity of around 20 to 25 cubic feet will typically consume between 100 and 250 watts when running, while a smaller mini-fridge may use between 50 and 100 watts. However, newer, more energy-efficient models may consume less power, and older or less efficient models may use more.

It’s important to note that the wattage of a refrigerator is not constant and can vary based on factors such as the temperature settings, the frequency of use, and the location of the fridge (e.g., in a hot or cold environment). Additionally, the compressor of the refrigerator may consume more power when starting up or when operating in high temperatures.

To determine the specific wattage of your refrigerator, you can check the label or manual that came with the appliance, or use a watt meter to measure its energy consumption over time.

Refrigerator Gas

Refrigerators use a type of gas called refrigerant to transfer heat and cool the air inside the appliance. The most commonly used refrigerant in modern refrigerators is a type of hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) known as R-134a, which is a non-toxic and non-flammable gas that does not harm the ozone layer.

Some older refrigerators may still use chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) or hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) refrigerants, which are harmful to the environment and have been phased out in many countries due to their contribution to ozone depletion and climate change.

If your refrigerator needs to be recharged with refrigerant or has a refrigerant leak, it’s important to contact a licensed technician who is trained in handling and recycling refrigerants safely. Refrigerant gasses can be harmful to the environment and should never be released into the air. Instead, they should be captured and recycled or disposed of properly.

Refrigerator Evaporator Fan

The evaporator fan in a refrigerator is responsible for circulating the cold air from the evaporator coils throughout the fridge and freezer compartments. This helps to maintain a consistent temperature and prevents frost buildup on the evaporator coils.

If the evaporator fan stops working, you may notice that the refrigerator is not as cold as it should be or that there is frost buildup on the evaporator coils. You may also hear unusual noises coming from the fridge or notice that the fan is not spinning.

In some cases, a faulty evaporator fan can be repaired by replacing the motor or blades. However, in other cases, the fan may need to be replaced entirely. It’s recommended to contact a licensed technician to diagnose and repair any issues with the evaporator fan, as working with electrical components can be dangerous and should only be done by trained professionals.

Regular maintenance, such as cleaning the fan blades and checking for any obstructions, can help to prevent issues with the evaporator fan and ensure that your refrigerator is working efficiently.

Refrigerator Design

Refrigerator design has evolved over the years, but the basic principle remains the same: it uses a refrigerant to absorb heat from the inside of the refrigerator and release it outside. The following are some key aspects of refrigerator design:

  • Compressor: The compressor is the heart of the refrigerator. It compresses the refrigerant gas, raising its temperature and pressure, and then pushes it through the condenser.
  • Condenser: The condenser is a series of coils located on the back or bottom of the refrigerator. It removes heat from the refrigerant, causing it to condense into a liquid.
  • Evaporator: The evaporator is a series of coils located inside the refrigerator. The liquid refrigerant enters the evaporator, and as it evaporates, it absorbs heat from the inside of the refrigerator, cooling it down.
  • Expansion valve: The expansion valve is a small component that regulates the flow of refrigerant from the high-pressure side of the system to the low-pressure side, where it can evaporate and absorb heat.
  • Insulation: The refrigerator’s walls and door are typically made of insulating materials such as foam or fiberglass, which help to keep the cold air inside and the warm air outside.
  • Temperature control: A thermostat is used to monitor and control the temperature inside the refrigerator. When the temperature rises above a set level, the compressor turns on and begins the cooling process.

The design of a refrigerator is optimized for energy efficiency, reliability, and durability, while also taking into account factors such as size, style, and features such as ice makers and water dispensers.

Refrigerator Size

Refrigerator size can vary greatly depending on the needs of the user. There are several factors to consider when selecting a refrigerator size, including:

  • Family size: The number of people in the household will largely dictate the size of the refrigerator needed. A larger family will require a larger refrigerator to store food and drinks for everyone.
  • Cooking habits: If you cook at home frequently, you may need a larger refrigerator to store ingredients and leftovers.
  • Lifestyle: If you entertain often or host parties, you may need a larger refrigerator to store drinks and food for guests.
  • Kitchen size: The size of your kitchen will also impact the size of the refrigerator that can be accommodated. Measure the space where you plan to place the refrigerator to ensure that it will fit.
  • Budget: Larger refrigerators tend to be more expensive, so your budget may limit the size you can choose.

The standard sizes for refrigerators are typically categorized as follows:

  • Compact refrigerators: 1.7 to 4.4 cubic feet
  • Small refrigerators: 4.5 to 9.9 cubic feet
  • Medium refrigerators: 10 to 18 cubic feet
  • Large refrigerators: 18.1 to 30 cubic feet
  • Extra-large refrigerators: 30+ cubic feet

Choosing a size that meets your needs while being practical for your space and budget is important.

Refrigerator Double Door

A double-door refrigerator, also known as a French-door refrigerator, is a popular type of refrigerator that features two doors on the top portion of the unit and a freezer drawer on the bottom portion.

The benefits of a double-door refrigerator include:

  • Spaciousness: Double-door refrigerators offer more storage space than traditional single-door models, which makes them ideal for larger households or families that frequently entertain.
  • Convenience: The French doors allow you to easily access items on the top shelves without having to bend down or reach far. The freezer drawer on the bottom also provides easy access to frozen foods.
  • Energy efficiency: Double-door refrigerators tend to be more energy efficient than traditional single-door models because you can open just one door at a time, reducing the amount of cold air that escapes.
  • Customizable storage: Many double-door refrigerators feature adjustable shelves and bins, which allow you to customize the storage space to fit your needs.
  • Style: Double-door refrigerators are often seen as more modern and stylish than traditional single-door models, which may appeal to those looking to upgrade their kitchen appliances.

Double-door refrigerators tend to be more expensive than traditional single-door models, and their size may not be practical for smaller kitchens or homes with limited space. Additionally, the freezer drawer on the bottom can be more difficult to access for some users.

Refrigerator Keeps Freezing Food

If your refrigerator is freezing food, there could be several reasons behind it. Here are some of the most common causes and solutions:

  • Thermostat settings: Check the thermostat setting and ensure it is set at the right temperature. If the temperature is too low, the fridge will overcool, causing the food to freeze. Set the thermostat to the recommended temperature range, usually between 36 and 38°F.
  • Blocked vents: Blocked vents inside the fridge can also cause the cooling system to work harder and overcome the fridge. Check and ensure there are no items obstructing the vents that prevent air circulation.
  • Faulty thermistor: The thermistor is a sensor that monitors the temperature inside the fridge. If it’s faulty, it may cause the fridge to overcool and freeze food. A qualified technician can test and replace the faulty thermistor.
  • Damaged door seal: A damaged door seal can let in warm air, causing the fridge to overwork and over-cool. Inspect the door seal for any damages and replace it if needed.
  • Malfunctioning defrost timer: The defrost timer helps to remove frost buildup inside the fridge. If it’s not working correctly, frost buildup can cause the fridge to overcool and freeze food. A qualified technician can test and replace the faulty defrost timer.

If none of the above solutions work, you should consider contacting a qualified technician to inspect and repair your fridge.

Refrigerator and Freezer Difference

A refrigerator and a freezer are both household appliances that are used to keep food and beverages cool, but there are some key differences between them.

  • Temperature: The main difference between a refrigerator and a freezer is the temperature. A refrigerator typically maintains a temperature range of 35 to 40°F (1.7 to 4.4°C), while a freezer maintains a temperature of 0°F (-18°C) or below.
  • Purpose: Refrigerators are designed to store perishable foods such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and meats for a short period, usually between 3 to 5 days. Freezers, on the other hand, are designed to preserve food for a longer period, ranging from several weeks to several months.
  • Design: Refrigerators usually have one or two compartments for storing food, while freezers usually have one larger compartment. Some refrigerators also come with a separate freezer compartment or a freezer drawer.
  • Cooling System: The cooling system in a refrigerator is designed to maintain a constant temperature and remove excess moisture, whereas the cooling system in a freezer is designed to create and maintain sub-zero temperatures and prevent freezer burn.
  • Storage Options: Refrigerators usually have shelves and drawers for storing food, while freezers typically have wire racks or baskets.

Refrigerators and freezers serve different purposes and have different temperature ranges, designs, cooling systems, and storage options.

Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh

The price of refrigerators in Bangladesh can vary depending on several factors such as the brand, size, features, energy efficiency, and where you buy it from. 

Here is the list of refrigerator price in Bangladesh below

Walton Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh

walton refrigerator
WFC-3F5-GDEL-XX (Inverter)380 Ltr51,690 Taka
WFC-3F5-GDEL-XX380 Ltr50,690 Taka
WFC-3F5-GDNE-XX (Inverter)380 Ltr51,690 Taka
WFC-3F5-GDNE-XX380 Ltr50,690 Taka
WFC-3F5-GDXX-XX (Inverter)380 Ltr51,190 Taka
WFC-3F5-GDEH-DD (Inverter)380 Ltr53,290 Taka
WFC-3F5-GDEH-XX (Inverter)380 Ltr52,190 Taka
WFC-3F5-GDEH-XX380 Ltr52,190 Taka
WFC-3F5-GDXX-XX380 Ltr49,990 Taka
WFE-3E8-GDXX-XX358 Ltr49,990 Taka
WFE-3E8-GDEL-XX358 Ltr50,490 Taka
WFE-3E8-GDEN-XX358 Ltr50,990 Taka
WFC-3D8-GDEH-DD (Inverter)348 Ltr51,690 Taka
WFC-3D8-GDEH-XX348 Ltr49,190 Taka
WFC-3D8-GDEL-XX348 Ltr49,190 Taka
WFC-3D8-GDEH-XX (Inverter)348 Ltr50,190 Taka
WFC-3D8-GDEL-XX (Inverter)348 Ltr50,190 Taka
WFC-3D8-GDNE-XX (Inverter)348 Ltr49,990 Taka
WFC-3D8-GDXX-XX348 Ltr48,690 Taka
WFC-3D8-GDXX-XX (Inverter)348 Ltr49,690 Taka
WFK-3D7-GDEL-XX347 Ltr48,690 Taka
WFE-3C3-GDEN-XX333 Ltr48,490 Taka
WFE-3C3-GDXX-XX333 Ltr47,990 Taka
WFE-3B0-GDEL-XX341 Ltr47,490 Taka
WFE-3B0-GDEL-XX (Inverter)341 Ltr47,990 Taka
WFE-3B0-GDEN-DD (Inverter)341 Ltr48,490 Taka
WFE-3B0-GDEV-XX (Inverter)341 Ltr47,490 Taka
WFE-3B0-GDEV-XX (Inverter)341 Ltr47,490 Taka
WFE-3B0-GDXX341 Ltr46,990 Taka
WFE-3B0-GDXX-XX (Inverter)341 Ltr47,490 Taka
WFC-3D8-GDSH-XX (Inverter)348 Ltr50,690 Taka
WFC-3A7-GDNE-XX337 Ltr45,990 Taka
WFC-3A7-GDXX-XX337 Ltr45,490 Taka
WFE-3A2-GDEL-XX312 Ltr45,490 Taka
WFE-3A2-GDEN-DD-P (Inverter)312 Ltr47,990 Taka
WFE-3A2-GDXX-XX312 Ltr45,990 Taka
WFE-3X9-GDEL-XX309 Ltr46,490 Taka
WFE-3X9-GDXX-XX309 Ltr45,990 Taka
WFC-3X7-GDEH-DD307 Ltr47,990 Taka
WFC-3X7-GDEH-DD (Inverter)307 Ltr48,490 Taka
WFC-3X7-GDEH-XX307 Ltr45,990 Taka
WFC-3X7-GDEL-XX307 Ltr45,490 Taka
WFC-3X7-GDXX-XX307 Ltr44,990 Taka
WFE-2N5-GDEL-XX316 Ltr43,990 Taka
WFE-2N5-GDEL-XX (Inverter)316 Ltr45,490 Taka
WFE-2N5-GDEN-XX (Inverter)316 Ltr44,490 Taka

Singer Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh

Singer Refrigerator Price
SRREF-SINGER-FF2-55436 Ltr86,990 Taka
SRREF-SS300-FTDS155-RG157 Ltr31,990 Taka
SRREF-SS300-FTDS200-BUG200 Ltr40,990 Taka
SFD66401XBR340 Ltr89,990 Taka
SRREF-SS300-FTDS200-RG200 Ltr40,990 Taka
SRREF-SS300-FTDS155-BG157 Ltr31,990 Taka
SFD66371XBR340 Ltr84,990 Taka
SRREF-SS300-FTDS185-BUG185 Ltr36,990 Taka
SRREF-SS300-FTDS185-BG185 Ltr 36,990 Taka
SRREF-SS500-FBDS260Z-RG260 Ltr49,990 Taka
SRREF-SS500-FTDS230Z-BG231 Ltr42.990 Taka
SRREF-SS300-FTDS230-BG231 Ltr42,990 Taka
SRREF-SS300-FBDS260-RG260 Ltr48,490 Taka
SRREF-SS300-FTDS230-RG231 Ltr42,990 Taka
SRREF-SINGER-FF2-69BI521 Ltr1,23,990 Taka
SRREF-SINGER-BCD-333R-MRG333 Ltr52,990 Taka
SRREF-SINGER-BD-116-GL-GY116 Ltr24,990nTaka
SRREF-SINGER-BCD-208R-NG208 Ltr37,990 Taka
SRREF-SINGER-G-BCD-238238 Ltr48,990 Taka
SRREF-SINGER-FF2-69D-BI-Ex521 Ltr1,19,990 Taka
SRREF-SINGER-FF2-69BI-Ex521 Ltr1,23,990 Taka
BOREF-CNG4792EVHPS495 Ltr1,33,890 Taka
BOREF-GN163140ZGBN558 Ltr1,79,290 Taka
SRREF-SINGER-PRO-210F-RG210 Ltr36,990 Taka
SRREF-SINGER-BCD-333R-MBG333 Ltr52,990 Taka
SRREF-SINGER-BCD-333R-MNG333 Ltr52,990 Taka
SRREF-SINGER-BCD-333R-MPG333 Ltr52,990 Taka
SRREF-SINGER-BCD-186F-RG186 Ltr35,990 Taka
SRREF-SINGER-BD-290-GL-DR286 Ltr44,490 Taka
SRREF-SINGER-BD-251-GL-GY251 Ltr37,490 Taka
SRREF-SINGER-BD-215-GL-DR205 Ltr38,990 Taka

Samsung Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh

Samsung Refrigerator Bangladesh
RT42K5468SL/D2415 Ltr1,04,900 Taka
RT34K5532S8/D3324 Ltr61,9oo Taka
RT29HAR9DS8/D3275 Ltr52,900 Taka
RT29HAR9DDX/D3275 Ltr55,900 Taka
RT27HAR7DS8/D3253 Ltr43,900 Taka
RF28K9380SG/TL826 Ltr4,99,900 Taka
RB21KMFH5UT/D3218 Ltr44,900 Taka
RB21KMFH5RH/D3218 Ltr43,900 Taka
RT56K6378SL/D2551 Ltr1,31,900 Taka
RT29HAR9DBS/D3275 Ltr55,900 Taka
RS72R5011B4/D2700 Ltr1,75,900 Taka
RS72R50112C/TL700 Ltr2,34,900 Taka
RT47K6231UT/D3465 Ltr91,900 Taka
RT47K6231BS/D3465 Ltr91,900 Taka
RT47K6231S8/D3465 Ltr89,900 Taka
RS74R5101SL/TL676 Ltr2,49,900 Taka
RS72R5001M9/TL700 Ltr1,75,900 Taka
RT65K7058BS/D2 670 Ltr1,39,900 Taka
RT42K5002GL/D2415 Ltr77,900 Taka
RT56K6378SL/TL551 Ltr1,31,900 Taka
RT37K5532UT/D3345 Ltr71,900 Taka
RT37K5532S8/D3345 Ltr69,900 Taka
RT37K5032S8/D3345 Ltr69,900 Taka
RT34K5532UT/D3321 Ltr63,900 Taka
RT34K5532BS/D3321 Ltr63,900 Taka
RT34K5032S8/D3321 Ltr56,900 Taka
RT27HAR9DUT/D3253 Ltr42,900 Taka
RT27HAR9DS8/D3253 Ltr43,900 Taka
RB21KMFH5SK/D3218 Ltr42,900 Taka
RB21KMFH5SE/D3218 Ltr43,900 Taka
RT42K5068GL/D2415 Ltr77,900 Taka

LG Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh

2B432HLHL437 LITER 95,900 Taka
2B502HXHL471 LITER99,900 Taka
GT-T5107BM506 Liter1,84,900 Taka
GS-B6432WB643 Liter2,84,900 Taka
GS-Q6472NS647 Liter3,64,900 Taka
GS-X6172NS617 Liter3,99,900 Taka
GL-C302RLBB284 Liter64,000nTaka
GL-C322RVBB308 Liter70,900 Taka
GN-304SLBT171 Liter52,900 Taka
2PB372RXCB335 Liter78,500 Taka

Sharp Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh

Hitachi Refrigerator Bangladesh
SJ-K135-SS 90 Liter28,900 Taka
SJ-K75-SS47 Liter18,900 Taka
SJ-K155-SS 118 Liter32,900 Taka
SJ-EX285E-SL 224 Liter62,900 Taka
SJ-EX315E-SL 253 Liter65,900 Taka
SJ-EX345E-SL287 Liter72,900 Taka
SJ-EX375E-SL315 Liter76,900 Taka
SJ-EX545P-BK472 Liter1,03,900 Taka
SJ-EX585P-BK508 Liter1,07,900 Taka
SJ-EX455P-BK397 Liter1,01,000 Taka
SJ-EX455P-BR397 Liter1,01,000 Taka
SJ-EX495P-BK428 Liter1,03,900 Taka
SJ-EX495P-BR428 Liter1,03,900 Taka
SJ-EFD589X-G473 Liter1,28,000 Taka
SJ-EFD589X-BK473 Liter1,28,000 Taka
SJ-EX655-BK570 Liter1,39,000 Taka
SJ-EX655-SL570 Liter1,39,000 Taka
SJ-EX685-BK613 Liter1,59,000 Taka
SJ-EX685-SL613 Liter1,59,000 Taka
SJ-EX735-BK656 Liter1,72,000 Taka
SJ-EX735P-SL656 Liter1,72,000 Taka
SJ-FX87V-BK605 Liter2,59,900 Taka
SJ-FX87V-RD605 Liter2,49,900 Taka
SJ-GF60A-R619 Liter3,39,000 Taka
SJ-FX660W-BK650 Liter3,49,000 Taka
SJ-FX660W-RD650 Liter3,49,000 Taka
SJ-FX660S2-BK650 Liter3,29,000 Taka
SJ-ESB621X-BK521 Liter1,48,900 Taka
SJ-VX77ES-DS567 Liter2,29,000 Taka

Hitachi Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh

Hitachi Refrigerator

R-BG410P6PB (GBK)330 Liter71,500 Taka
R-BG410P6PBX Deluxe (GBK)330 Liter82,900 Taka
R-BG410P6PBX Deluxe (XGR)330 Liter82,900 Taka
R H210PG6 SLS203 Liter41,400 Taka
R-H215P8PB (PSV)203 Liter45,400 Taka
R-H240P7PBK (BBK)203 Liter50,600 Taka
R-H240P7PBK (BSL)203 Liter50,600n Taka
R-H270P7PBK (BBK)230 Liter59,000 Taka
R-H310P7PBK (BBK)260 Liter62,300 Taka
R-H310P7PBK (BSL)260 Liter62,300 Taka
R-H310P4BK / 360PUN4K (INX)260 Liter51,000 Taka
R-H310P4BK / 360PUN4K (PBK)260 Liter51,000 Taka
R-H350P7PBK (BBK)290 Liter66,500 Taka
R-M800GP2PB GBK584 Liter2,65,000 Taka
R-M800P2PB600 Liter1,71,900 Taka
R-M810GP2PBX600 Liter2,90,000 Taka
R-M820VAG9PBX (GBZ)569 Liter3,90,000 Taka
R-S800P2PB GBK605 Liter1,89,000 Taka
R-V420P8PB (BBK)340 Liter69,500 Taka
R-V420P8PB (BSL)340 Liter69,500 Taka
R-V420P3PB (SLS)335 Liter62,000 Taka
R-V460P8PB (BBK)366 Liter73,000 Taka
R-V460P8PB (BSL)366 Liter73,000 Taka
R-V460P3PB (SLS)365 Liter64,500 Taka

Vision Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh

VIS- 566 GD99,900 Taka
VIS200 GD200 Liter28,800 Taka
VIS 180 Liter180 Liter34,500 Taka
VIS200 GD200 Liter36,900 Taka
VIS-222 GD222 Liter37,200 Taka
VIS-222 L222 Liter38,200 Taka
VIS200 GD200 Liter36,900 Taka
VIS 185 Liter185 Liter35,500 Taka
VIS-196 GD196 Liter35,900 Taka
VIS200 GD200 Liter35,900 Taka
VIS-238 GD238 Liter39,200 Taka
Vis- 262 Liter262 Liter40,900 Taka
Vis- 240 Liter240 Liter38,200 Taka
Vis- 185 Liter185 Liter35,200 Taka
Vis- 262 Liter262 Liter40,900 Taka
VIS-252 G252 Taka40,300 Taka
Vis- 150 Liter150 Taka28,900 Taka
VIS-222 GD222 Liter38,200 Taka
VIS-200 G200 Liter35,900 Taka
VIS-240 GD240 Liter38,200 Taka
Vis 180 Liter180 Liter34,500 Taka
VIS-262 G262 Liter39,900 Taka
VIS-216 GD216 Liter36,700 Taka
VIS-222 L222 Liter38,200 Taka

RANGS Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh

RR-210BT (Red)226 Liter47,000 Taka
RR-210BTBV226 Liter47,000 Taka
RR-210BT (Black)226 Liter47,000 Taka
RR-201BTCR (Red)201 Liter47,500 Taka
RR-201BTBR (Green)201 Liter47,500 Taka
RR-224BT222 Liter49,000 Taka
RR-224BT (Jam)224 Liter49,000 Taka
RR-224BT (Green)224 Liter49,000 Taka
RR-263BD (Black)258 Liter49,900 Taka
RR-263BD (Red)258 Liter49,900 Taka
RR-263BD (PINK)258 Liter49,900 Taka
RR-272BT (Black)269 Liter52,000 Taka
RR-272BT (Org)269 Liter52,000 Taka
RR-272BT (Red)269 Liter52,000 Taka
RR-232BD (Black)232 Liter53,000 Taka
RR-232BD (RED)232 Liter53,000 Taka
RR-232BD (BLUE)232 Liter53,000 Taka
RR-221BD (Jam)221 Liter49,900 Taka
RR-221BD (RED)221 Liter49,900 Taka
RR-221BD (Blue)221 Liter49,900 Taka
RR-239BT (Green)239 Liter51,000 Taka
RR-239BT (Red)239 Liter51,000 Taka
RR-239BT (Black)239 Liter51,000 Taka
RR-350BT (R)365 Liter59,900 Taka
GT-T5107BM506 Liter1,04,900 Taka
EFB4204A-S425 Liter1,48,900 Taka
ERB5004A-S501 Liter1,85,000 Tak
EMT86910X573 Liter1,99,000 Taka
GS-Q6472NS647 Liter3,64,900 Taka
GS-X6172NS617 Liter3,99,900 Taka

Jamuna Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh

Jamuna Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh
JR-LES624800 CD BLACK LILY LEAF248 Liter39,300 Taka
JR-XXB-LS634800 QD MAJESTIC PADMA348 Liter48,300 Taka
JR-XXB-LS634800 QD BLACK ROSE BLOSSOM348 Liter48,300 Taka
328_BLACK LILY328 Liter47,380 Taka
308L_BLACK DIAMOND QD308 Liter35,380 Taka
JR-XXB-US6264-QD BLACK LILY264 Liter39,800 Taka
JE- 5SLS2E1-QD RED BLAZE251 Liter40,380 Taka
JE-5SUS2D2-QD-RED LOTUS242 Liter38,580 Taka
JE-203L CD BLUE ROSA SINENSIS203 Liter33,300 Taka
JE-XXB-US5203-QD RED WAVE203 Liter35,380 Taka
JE-XXB-LS52B0-QD BLACK BLAZE220 Liter36,800 Taka
JE-XXB-US63B9-QD BLACK BLAZE329 Liter47,800 Taka
JE-XXB-US52B8-QD BLUE ALMOND228 Liter37,800 Taka
JR-XXB-US62B5-QD BLACK BLAZE225 Liter36,800 Taka
JR-XXB-LS62F6-QD BLACK ALMOND266 Liter41,800 Taka
JE-XXB-LS51I3-QD RED BLAZE193 Liter34,300 Taka
JE-XXB-US5148 QD BLACK CHERRY148 Liter29,380 Taka
JR-XXB-LS62D8-QD BLACK BLAZE248 Liter39,800 Taka
JR-UES622500 CD BLUE LILY LEAF225 Liter35,300 Taka
JR-XXB-US62B5-QD BLACK LILY LEAF225 Liter36,800 Taka
JE-XX-2F8JF CD RAINBOW268 Liter40,800 Taka
JE-230L VCM DEEP BLUE29,800 Taka
JE-200L VCM MAROON JELL200 Liter29,000 Taka
JR-XXB-LES630800 QD RAINBOW BK308 Liter45,380 Taka
JR-XXB-LS63B8 QD BLUE ALMOND328 Liter47,380 Tak
JR-XXB-LES630800 QD RAINBOW GN308 Liter45,380 Taka
JE-230L VCM MAROON JELL230 Liter29,800 Taka
JE-XXB-US5148 QD BLACK STRIPE148 Liter29,380 Taka

Marcel Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh

Marcel Refrigerator Bangladesh
MFC-C6E-GDEL-XXTk. 40,590.00
MFC-C6E-GDNE-XXTk. 39,890.00
MFC-C6E-GDNE-XX (Inverter)Tk. 41,090.00
MFC-C6E-GDXX-XX (Inverter)Tk. 39,790.00
MFC-C6E-NEXX-XXTk. 35,690.00
MFE-C5H-CRXX-XXTk. 34,900.00
MFE-C5H-ELEX-XXTk. 36,790.00
MFE-C5H-ELNX-XXTk. 36,250.00
MFE-C5H-GDEL-USTk. 39,500.00
MFE-C5H-GDEL-XXTk. 39,690.00
MFE-C5H-GDXX-XXTk. 38,790.00
MFC-C4H-GDEL-XXTk. 37,690.00
MFC-C4H-GDNE-XXTk. 36,500.00
MFC-C4H-GDXX-XXTk. 36,490.00
MFC-C4H-NEXX-XXTk. 35,390.00
MFE-C3C-GDXX-XXTk. 35,250.00
MFE-C2X-CRXX-XXTk. 31,790.00
MFE-C2X-GDEL-XXTk. 35,490.00
MFE-C2X-GDEN-DDTk. 36,990.00
MFE-C2X-GDXX-XXTk. 34,690.00
MFE-C2X-NXXX-XXTk. 31,450.00
MFC-C1G-ELEX-XXTk. 32,890.00
MFC-C1G-GDNE-XXTk. 33,750.00
MFC-C1G-GDXX-XXTk. 33,590.00
MFC-C1G-NXXX-XXTk. 32,490.00
MFC-C1B-CRXX-XXTk. 28,050.00
MFE-C1B-ELNX-XXTk. 31,180.00
MFE-C1B-GDEL-XXTk. 34,890.00
MFE-C1B-GDXX-XXTk. 33,840.00
MFE-C1B-NXXX-XXTk. 30,500.00
MFE-C0N-GDEL-XXTk. 35,590.00
MFE-C0N-GDXX-XXTk. 34,790.00
MFC-C0G-ELXX-XXTk. 31,990.00
MFC-C0G-GDXX-XXTk. 33,690.00
MFC-C0G-NEXX-XXTk. 31,990.00
MFE-C0N-ELNX-XXTk. 32,190.00
MFE-B9E-CRXX-XXTk. 30,450.00
MFE-B9E-ELNX-XXTk. 27,850.00
MFE-B9E-GDEL-XXTk. 33,250.00
MFE-B9E-GDXX-XXTk. 32,250.00
MFE-B8B-CRXX-XXTk. 29,490.00
MFE-B8B-CRXX-XX (Inverter)Tk. 30,490.00
MFE-B8B-GDEL-XXTk. 31,990.00
MFE-B8B-GDEL-XX (Inverter)Tk. 32,990.00
MFE-B8B-GDXX-XXTk. 30,990.00
MFE-B8B-GDXX-XX (Inverter)Tk. 31,990.00
MFB-B5D-ELXX-XXTk. 30,590.00
MFB-B5D-GDEL-XXTk. 32,990.00
MFB-B5D-GDSH-XXTk. 33,590.00
MFB-B5D-GDXX-XXTk. 31,990.00
MFB-B5X-GDEL-USTk. 29,750.00
MFB-B5X-GDEL-XXTk. 30,390.00
MFB-B5X-GDSH-XXTk. 30,540.00
MFB-B5X-GDXX-XXTk. 29,890.00
MFA-B4D-GDEL-USTk. 29,500.00
MFA-B4D-GDEL-XXTk. 28,990.00
MFA-B4D-GDXX-XXTk. 28,590.00
MFA-B4D-NEXX-XXTk. 26,740.00

Minister Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh

Minister Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh
MINISTER M-165N DEEP BLUE165 Liter30,645 Taka
MINISTER M-165N RED JABA165 Liter30,645 Taka
MINISTER M-165N RED JABA NEW165 Liter30,645 Taka
MINISTER M-165N RED POPPY165 Liter30,645 Taka
Minister M-175 RED JABA NEW175 Liter36,022 Taka
Minister M-175G BLACK JOBA175 Liter36,022 Taka
Minister M-175G BLACK ZINNIA FULL MATCH175 Liter36,237 Taka
Minister M-175G DEEP BLUE175 Liter36,022 Taka
Minister M-175G NEW RED WITH FLOWER175 Liter36,022 Taka
Minister M-195N BLACK LOTUS195 Liter36,022 Taka
Minister M-195N BLACK LOTUS (MATCH)195 Liter36,452 Taka
Minister M-195N BLACK ZINNIA (MATCH)195 Liter36,452 Taka
Minister M-195N BLACKBERRY STAR195 Liter36,022 Taka
Minister M-195N BLACKBERRY STAR (MATCH)195 Liter36,452 Taka
Minister M-195N DEEP BLUE195 Liter36,022 Taka
Minister M-195N PASTE FLOWER195 Liter36,022 Taka
Minister M-195N PURPLE MAGNOLIA195 Liter36,022 Taka
Minister M-195N RED POPPY195 Liter36,022 Taka
Minister M-222 BLACK LOTUS222 Liter39,247 Taka
Minister M-222 BLACK POPPY222 Liter39,247 Taka
Minister M-222 BLACK POPPY (MATCH)222 Liter39,677 Taka
Minister M-222 BLACKBERRY222 Liter39,247 Taka
MINISTER M-222 BLACKBERRY STAR222 Liter41,398 Taka
Minister M-222 BLACKBERRY STAR (MATCH)222 Liter39,677 Taka
Minister M-222 BLUE FLOWER222 Liter39,247 Taka
Minister M-222 BLUE SPRING FLOWER222 Liter39,247 Taka
Minister M-222 DEEP BLUE222 Liter39,247 Taka
Minister M-222 MINISTER RED222 Liter39,247 Taka
Minister M-222 NATIONAL FLAG222 Liter39,247 Taka

Haier Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh

Haier Refrigerator
HRF-680MG639 Liter1,48,900 Taka
HRF-275EPMC255 Liter43,500 Taka
HRF-275EPDA255 Liter43,500 Taka
HRF-246EPBB226 Liter40,500 Taka
HRF-246EPMB226 Liter40,500 Taka
HRF-266EPBB246 Liter42,500 Taka
HRF-266EPMC246 Liter42,500 Taka
HRF-234EPPW214 Liter38,500 Taka
HRF-234EPDA214 Liter38,500 Taka
HRF-200EPMB180 Liter38,500 Taka
HRF-200EPGL180 Liter35,000 Taka
HRF-278WMSS258 Liter43,900 Taka
HRF-680BG630 Liter1,48,900 Taka
HRB-738BG712 Liter2,29,900 Taka
HRF-578TBG522 Liter1,28,900 Taka
HRF-622ICG565 Liter1,84,700 Taka
HRF-622IBG565 Liter1,84,700 Taka
HRF-460WDBG439 Liter88,900 Taka
HRF-360WDBG340 Liter73,900 Taka
HRF-330WDBG319 Liter69,900 Taka
HRF-300WMBG284 Liter57,900 Taka
HRF-241EPCW221 Liter40,000 Taka
HRF-241EPBJ221 Liter40,000 Taka
HRF-241EPAW221 Liter40,000 Taka
HRF-251EPWT231 Liter37,500 Taka
HRF-251EPRW231 Liter40,000 Taka
HRF-251EPDF231 Liter40,000 Taka
HRF-251EPBW231 Liter40,000 Taka
HRF-231EPRW211 Liter38,000 Taka
HRF-231EPPF211 Liter38,000 Taka
HRF-231EPBW211 Liter38,000 Taka
HRF-211EPRW191 Liter36,000 Taka
HRF-211EPDF191 Liter36,000 Taka
HRF-251EPBD231 Liter37,500 Taka
HRF-231EPRR211 Liter35,500 Taka
HRF-231EPBD211 Liter35,500 Taka
HRF-211EPWJ191 Liter33,500 Taka
HRF-251EPWR231 Liter37,500 Taka
HRF-251EPBA231 Liter37,500 Taka
HRF-211EPWS191 Liter33,900 Taka
HRF-231EPBA211 Liter33,500 Taka
HRF-231EPWR211 Liter33,500 Taka
HRF-211EPCS191 Liter36,000 Taka
HRF-265EPWT243 Liter37,500 Taka
HRF-265EPBG243 Liter37,500 Taka
HRF-265EPBT243 Liter37,500 Taka
HRF-258EPBD239 Liter36,900 Taka
HRF-258EPWH239 Liter36,900 Taka
HRF-245EPWT225 Liter34,900 Taka
HRF-245EPRL225 Liter34,900 Taka
HRF-245EPBP225 Liter34,900 Taka
HRF-218EPWD198 Liter31,500 Taka
HRF-218EPWL198 Liter31,500 Taka
HRF-215EPRL195 Liter32,400 Taka
HRF-215EPBP195 Liter32,400 Taka
HRF-270WMBG249 Liter54,900 Taka
HRF-215EPWT195 Liter32,400 Taka

Panasonic Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh

Panasonic NRBN-22153,000 Taka
Panasonic NR-BK30557,000 Taka
Panasonic NR-BJ22631,000 Taka
Panasonic NRBL30752,000 Taka
Panasonic NRD5131,92,000 Taka

Conion Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh

Conion Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh
Conion BG2135,000 Taka
Conion BE12131,000 Taka
Conion BE23831,000 Taka
Conion BE560 79,000 Taka
Conion BE 651,10,00 Taka

Konka Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh

Konka Refrigerator Price Bangladesh
KRT-165GB-Red-2-Door165 Liter30,785 Taka
KRT-165GB-2-Blue Delphinium-Door165 Liter30,785 Taka
KRT-165GB- Purple-2-Door165 Liter30,785 Taka
KRT-165GB-Red Star2-Door165 Liter30,785 Taka
KRT-165GB-Glass Mirror-2-Door165 Liter31,285 Taka
KRT-180GB-Red Sakura-2-Door180 Liter32,270 Taka
KRT-180GB-Purple Sakura-2-Door180 Liter32,270 Taka
KRT-180GB-Black-2-Door180 Liter32,270 Taka
KRT-180GB-Black Stone-2-Door180 Liter32,270 Taka
KRT-180GB-Blue Delphinium-2-Door180 Liter32,270 Taka
KRT-180GB-Blue-2-Door180 Liter32,270 Taka
KRT-180GB-Glass Mirror-2-Door180 Liter32,770 Taka
KRB-190GB-Red Star-2-Door190 Liter35,360 Taka
KRB-190GB-Red-2-Door190 Liter35,360 Taka
KRB-190GB-Blue Delphinium-2-Door190 Liter35,360 Taka
KRB-190GB-Glass Mirror-2-Door190 Liter35,860 Taka
KRT-200GB-Black-2-Door200 Liter34,945 Taka
KRT-200GB-Red China Rose-2-Door200 Liter34,945 Taka
KRT-200GB-Red Epiphyllum-2-Door200 Liter34,945 Taka
KRT-200GB-Red Hibiscus-2-Door200 Liter34,945 Taka
KRT-200GB-Red Lotus-2-Door200 Liter34,945 Taka
KRT-200GB-Blue Delphinium-2-Door200 Liter34,945 Taka
KRT-200GB-Golden Strip-2-Door200 Liter34,945 Taka
KRT-200GB Black Strip-2-Door200 Liter34,945 Taka
KRT-200GB Purple Strip-2-Door200 Liter34,945 Taka
KRT-200GB Glass Mirror Red Tulip-2-Door200 Liter35,445 Taka
KRT-200GB Glass Mirror-2-Door200 Liter35,445 Taka
KRB-200GB-Black Stone-2-Door200 Liter37,160 Taka
KRB-200GB-Blue Delphinium-2-Door200 Liter37,160 Taka
KRB-200GB-Purple Sakura-2-Door200 Liter37,160 Taka
KRB-200GB-Red Sakura-2-Door200 Liter37,160 Taka
KRB-200GB-Golden Strip-2-Door200 Liter37,160 Taka
KRB-200GB-Purple Strip-2-Door200 Liter37,160 Taka
KRB-200GB-Black Strip-2-Door200 Liter37,160 Taka
KRB-200GB-Glass Mirror-2-Door200 Liter37,660 Taka
KRB-230GB-Golden Strip-2-Door230 Liter39,375 Taka
KRB-230GB-Purple Sakura-2-Door230 Liter39,375 Taka
KRB-230GB-Red Sakura-2-Door230 Liter39,375 Taka
KRB-230GB-Black Stone-2-Door230 Liter39,375 Taka
KRB-230GB-Black-2-Doo230 Liter39,375 Taka
KRB-230GB-Blue Delphinium-2-Door230 Liter39,375 Taka
KRB-230GB-Glass Mirror-2-Door230 Liter39,875 Taka

Kelvinator Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh

KHV-138DF138 Liter25,500 Taka
KHV-269FF251 Liter43,500 Taka
KHV-279GDF279 Liter60,000 Taka
KHV-295DF319 Liter45,500 Taka
KHV-333FF333 Liter62,000 Taka
KHV-330FF366 Liter46,500 Taka
KHV-365FF365 Liter62,500 Taka
KHV-428NFIN428 Liter88,000 Taka
KHV-422WDNFSBS2D422 Liter1,01,500 Taka
KHV-408FF408 Liter1,06,500 Taka
KHV-427FF472 Liter1,06,500 Taka
KHV-430FF472 Liter1,09,500 Taka
KHV-418NFSBS2DBG418 Liter1,16,500 Taka
KHV-590NFSBS2DBG590 Liter1,89,900 Taka
KHV-475NF4DBG475 Liter1,21,500 Taka
KHV-508FF559 Liter1,24,500 Taka
KHV-400FFI (Inverter)472 Liter1,26,500 Taka
KHV-450FF450 Liter1,26,500 Taka
KHV-635NFSBS2DBG635 Liter1,31,500 Taka
KHV-516FF562 Liter1,36,500 Taka
KHV-401FFG1472 Liter1,39,900 Taka
KHV-645NFSBS2DMG645 Liter1,65,000 Taka

An Overview of Bangladeshi Prices

We strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information about the refrigerator, including its price in Bangladesh. Our dedicated team gathers information from various online sources to ensure the reliability of the data. In the event of any inaccuracies, we sincerely apologize and suggest that you do your own research and comparisons before making a final purchase decision.


How do I clean my refrigerator?

Cleaning your refrigerator is important to maintain its hygiene and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. To clean your refrigerator, first, remove all the food items and shelves. Then, wipe the inside of the refrigerator with a solution of mild detergent and warm water. You can also use a solution of water and baking soda to remove tough stains and odors. Rinse the shelves and drawers in warm water and dry them before putting them back in the refrigerator.

How long does a refrigerator last?

The lifespan of a refrigerator depends on various factors such as usage, maintenance, and brand. Generally, a well-maintained refrigerator can last for up to 15 years. However, some refrigerators may require replacement earlier due to wear and tear or mechanical issues.

How do I defrost my refrigerator?

Defrosting your refrigerator regularly can help it run efficiently and prevent frost build-up. To defrost your refrigerator, first, unplug it and remove all the food items. Then, leave the doors open for a few hours until the frost melts. You can also speed up the process by placing bowls of hot water in the freezer compartment. Once the frost has melted, wipe the inside of the refrigerator with a clean, dry cloth and plug it back in.

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The price of refrigerators in Bangladesh varies depending on the brand, model, and features. While some brands offer premium features at a higher price point, others cater to budget-conscious consumers with more affordable options. It is essential to do thorough research and compare prices before making a purchase. With the increasing demand for energy-efficient and eco-friendly appliances, it is worth investing in a refrigerator that not only meets your needs but also contributes to a sustainable future. What factors do you consider when buying a refrigerator, and what features are a must-have for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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