5 Best Micro Oven Prices in Bangladesh

Do you want to know the micro oven price in Bangladesh? This article may be of interest to you. If you have a few minutes left, I hope you’ll find the ideal one. Having spent so many hours researching and making my list, I’ve made it based on my personal opinion.

Is your kitchen feeling a little outdated? If so, it might be time to invest in a new microwave oven. But with all the different brands and models on the market, how can you know which one is right for you?

In this article, I’ll help you narrow down your choices by discussing the three main types of microwave ovens: solo, grill, and convection. I’ll also provide some tips on how to choose the best model for your needs. By the end of this article, you’ll be ready to shop for a new microwave oven with confidence!

Micro oven

Walton Microwave OvenĀ  Price in Bangladesh

Model- WMWO-M30AS3

Price: Tk. 20,590

Walton M30AS3 Micro Oven

You’ll love the Walton Microwave Oven WMWO-M30AS3! For those who want to cook quickly and easily, this oven offers 10 automatic cooking functions. Its stainless steel cavity and LED display make it easy to see what’s cooking, and it has a quick start option so you can cook right away. It is easy to prepare healthy meals with the Healthy fry function and jog dial weight & timer.

Features of Walton Microwave Oven WMWO-M30AS3

  • Capacity: 30 L
  • Multi-function: Microwave + Grill+ Convection
  • Speedy, weight, and time defrost
  • Digital control
  • Healthy fry (h1 ~ h9)
  • 10 automatic cooking functions (a1~a10)
  • Free Grill Rack and Pizza Plate
  • Stainless steel cavity
  • Jog dial weight & timer
  • Quick start option
  • Led display

Technical Specification

General Specification:
Voltage220v~230v, 50hz
Rated Input Power (Microwave)1450W
Rated Output Power (Microwave)900W
Rated Input Power (Grill)1100W
Rated Input Power (Microwave + Grill + Convection)2500W
Carton Dimension
Length (mm)583
Width (mm)544
Depth (mm)382
Cartoon Weight2.231
Product Dimension
Length (mm)520
Width (mm)501
Depth (mm)326
Net Weight (kg)18
Gross Weight (kg)20.501

Sharp Microwave Oven Price in Bangladesh

Model- R-92A0-ST-V

Price: Tk. 21,900

Sharp R-92A0-ST-V price
Sharp-Microwave-Oven- R-92A0-ST-V

Look no further than the Sharp Microwave Oven- R-92A0-ST-V. You can cook your food quickly and easily in this oven due to its powerful 1000W output. As well as being versatile, it comes with a convection function and grill functions, as well as a 32L capacity and 315mm turntable that make it ideal for large households. This unit is easy to use thanks to its easy-to-use door handle and LED display, while the keypad and dial control simplify navigation. You can even control the time in the kitchen with the clock and kitchen timer.

Features of Sharp Microwave Oven R-92A0-ST-V

  • Powerful output (1000W) for quick and efficient cooking
  • Convection and Grill Function
  • Easy-to-use door with handle
  • 32L capacity with 315mm glass turntable
  • 10 Auto Menus
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Tact and dial control
  • Clock & Kitchen Timer
  • LED Display

Technical Specification

POWER SOURCE (V/Ƙ/HZ)230-240V/50Hz
OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS (W X H X D) MM519 x 510 x 315

Warranty Information

  • Country of Origin: Japan; Country of Assemble: China
  • Electrical Spare Parts: 1 Year; Free Service: 1 Year

Samsung Microwave OvenĀ Price in Bangladesh

Model- MC32K7056CK/D2

Price: Tk. 32,205

Samsung MC32K7056CKD2 Micro Oven
Samsung-Microwave-Oven- MC32K7056CKD2

If you search five best micro oven price in Bangladesh? Samsung Microwave Oven Model- MC32K7056CK/D2 is one of them and the Samsung Microwave Oven Model- MC32K7056CK/D2 is the right choice for you to purchase.

There is a touch + dial control method on this microwave oven that has a 32L capacity. Various cooking modes, a child safety lock, and a clock are also included. The eco mode makes it a more energy-efficient choice, and the defrost function ensures that your food is evenly cooked.

Features of Samsung Microwave Oven  MC32K7  

  • Capacity: 32 L
  • Control Method: Touch + Dial
  • Clock: Yes
  • Color: Black
  • Preheat: Yes 
  • Various Cooking Modes: Yes
  • Convection Temperature: 40-200 Celsius (10ā„ƒ steps)
  • 30 sec. plus: Yes
  • Child Safety Lock: Yes
  • Eco Mode: Yes
  • Defrost (Auto / Power / Sensor): Power
  • Turntable On/Off: Yes 
  • Cavity Material: Ceramic Enamel

Technical Specification

Turntable Size345 mm
Power Level6
Power Source230V/50Hz
Power Consumption (Max)2900 W
Power Consumption (Grill)1500 W
Power Consumption (Convection)2100 W
Power Consumption (Microwave)1400 W
Output Power (Microwave)900 W

Warranty Information

  • After-sales: 1-year
  • Ceramic Enamel Cavity: 10 years
  • Spare parts: 1 year

LG Microwave OvenĀ Price in Bangladesh

Model- MJEN326TL

Price: Tk. 34,410.00

LG's MJEN326TL price

Charcoal can be used to cook a wide range of foods, so what style of cooking do you prefer?

It’s easy to do just that with LG’s Microwave Oven MJEN326TL! You can create a delicious smoky flavor by cooking your food using charcoal. Additionally, the oven has a drop-down door, so you can easily reach your food. It also comes with a 32-liter capacity, so you can cook meals for a large family.

Features of LG Microwave Oven MJEN326TL

  • Color: ONYX Black
  • Type: Charcoal Convection
  • Door Design: Drop Down, Clea
  • Display: White LED
  • Control Type: Glass Touch
  • Capacity: 32 Liter
  • Child Lock: YES
  • More/Less (Dial): YES
  • Time Setting (Dial): YES
  • Quick Start: YES 

Technical Specification

Product Dimension(WxDxH)mm530 x 533 x 322
Packing Dimension(WxDxH)mm652 x 577 x 425
Microwave Power1350 W
Electricity Power230V/50HZ
Combination Power2400 W
Convection Power2400 W
Grill Power1250 W
Watts Microwave (Output)900 W
Gross Weight (Kg28
Net Weight (Kg)21.8

Warranty Information

  • 1-Year Warranty [Excluding Main Door, Door Plastic, Cooking Glass, Accessories]

Panasonic Microwave Oven price in Bangladesh

Model- NN-CD684BFDG

Price: Tk. 25,700.00

Panasonic NN CD684BFDG micro oven

Bangladeshi consumers can get their hands on the Panasonic NN-CD684BFDG convection microwave oven. A digital display has been added to Panasonic’s 27L convection microwave oven!

You can cook anything you like in the Panasonic 27L Convection Microwave Oven. Your food will look great and taste great with this oven’s ceramic turntable and black mirror door.

You can feel secure cooking in the kitchen with your children while using the Panasonic 27L Convection Microwave Oven. In addition, this oven heats up evenly because it is 100 percent dense.

Features of Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-CD684BFDG

  • Black Mirror Finish
  • Capacity: 27 liters
  • Type: Convection
  • Timer and defrost, dial and button control type
  • Ceramic turntable and black mirror door type
  • Child lock, 100 percent density, and digital display technology
  • Display Type- ELD

Technical Specification

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS47.1 x 51.3 x 30.6 Centimeters
Frequency (MHz)2450
Temperature Range212 Ā°F
Fuel Typeā€ŽElectric
Batteries Includedā€ŽNo
Batteries Requiredā€ŽNo
Oven Cooking Modeā€ŽConvection

Warranty Information

  • 1 Year Warranty

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How does a microwave oven work?

A microwave oven uses electromagnetic radiation to heat food. It generates microwaves that are absorbed by the food, causing the water molecules in the food to vibrate and generate heat.

Can I put metal in my microwave oven?

No, you should not put metal in a microwave oven. Metal can cause sparks and even start a fire. It is best to use microwave-safe containers and utensils made of glass, plastic, or ceramic.

Can I use my microwave oven to cook all types of food?

While a microwave oven can cook a wide variety of foods, there are some items that should not be cooked in a microwave. For example, whole eggs should not be cooked in a microwave as they can explode, and some types of meat may not cook evenly in a microwave.

Is it safe to stand in front of a microwave oven while it’s running?

Yes, it is generally safe to stand in front of a microwave oven while it is running. However, it is best to keep a safe distance from the oven as a precaution.

How often should I clean my microwave oven?

You should clean your microwave oven regularly to keep it in good working order. How often you need to clean it will depend on how often you use it and how messy your cooking is. A good rule of thumb is to clean it once a week.

How long does a microwave oven last?

The lifespan of a microwave oven will depend on how often it is used and how well it is maintained. With proper care, a microwave oven can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years or more.


You should not miss out on these five best microwave ovens if you are in the market for one. Our wide range of microwaves offers something to suit everyone’s needs, regardless of their budget or lifestyle. There is five best micro oven price in Bangladesh. Isn’t it time to get started? Getting started is easy!

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